Home Assistant, individual sensor, (vital parameter) App und KI (machine learning) OS project (like wiki)

Hello Friends,

on the page wikidot I describe my project. I would like to record vital parameters (oxygen, blood pressure, puks, body temperature, etc.) as well as other values ​​(temperature of the wall, etc.) and additionally the complaints, diet and medication via an app. When I have the data in the database, I would like to be able to set alarms on the one hand, and also evaluate the data with KI / Phyton (machine learning) on ​​the other. The project was preceded by my own illness, which had almost killed me a few times and I couldn’t get up at all for six months, repeated strong attacks. By precisely determining triggers, I recognized some triggers and things are now so good that I was able to walk a few hundred meters several times over the summer, it might even have been more, I’m still very careful. Before the project I had a few more relapses.

Here I describe the next steps: http://ptfbl.wikidot.com/start

So the oxygen sensor is particularly important to me. I will now tackle this next, a MAXIM, in addition to the body temperature and values, I may record the complaints using Excel.

Since I myself was involved in Wiki and other OS projects before my illness, I hope that I might find one or the other who would like to help me here. It would be helpful to others as well. The therapy can be improved with the vital signs, complaints and medication. I am being treated in several centers for rare diseases and have already clarified the possibilities in this direction, in addition I am very well-informed myself and am very medically deepened in the area of ​​my diseases through the wiki work (which also extended to neurological diseases). Unfortunately, not even programming. So far I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve installed home assistant once and switched a relay. Since I often cannot get up for some time during flare-ups, this function is also useful.

Thank you for reading!


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