Home Assistant Install on Synology DS118

Hello Home Assistant Community!

I am a complete noob as it relates to Home Assistant (“HA”) and need your help. I recently purchased the Synology DS118 and have setup 8 IP cameras using Surveillance Station. Now I would like to explore using HA but I’ve run into a couple of different “gotcha’s”. First, apparently Docker is not supported on my NAS model and wasnt aware of that until last night. So, I tried to install HA using the Python3 method but that presented a whole set of other issues (mainly being that I’m not at all familiar with Python). That said, is there anyone out there that happens to have ‘very clear’ instructions that a noob like myself might be able to follow to get HA installed/running? ANY help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Brian.

I’m on the same boat. Did you resolve the issue and installed HA on your Synology server?