Home Assistant Installation issue in Synology

Dear experts,

First of all kudos to the team of Home Assistant, a brilliant piece of software indeed.

I am running a lot of trouble installing the Home Assistant in my synology. Well first the installation guide has lot of things to update as almost all commands needed to be slightly modified. However, with a little bit of Unix knowledge someone might overcome those. But I am currently facing a problem compiling the hass-daemon file which giving me syntax error.

First error was invalid syntax $ ‘r’, then I removed the blank lines, then those errors are gone but its stopping at 'start_daemon () error again with the same error. Can anyone please suggest me the way forward. I am really want to get it working. After trying for almost 5 hours, I gave up and installed OpenHAB instead which had a installation file and very simple instruction. However, that does sucks up all my processing power which also is not intended and overall I liked the simplicity of Home Assistant rather than the OpenHAB.

The exact error lines are provided below:

hass-daemon.sh: line 14: syntax error near unexpected token $'\r'' 'ass-daemon.sh: line 14: start_daemon ()

Thanks & Regards

@tarikul I ran into a lot of issues which sound similar to yours i ended up running via Docker which is great providing you have a min of DSM 5.2 Virtual Rick has a great tutorial which you can find here…


Hope this helps get you up and running.

Thanks jamieb for your reply. But my NAS is a 215j model which doesnt support docker installation. Thinking of using HASS in a Pi anyway. Currently learning to do the basic operation with it.

Well I set up my hass in RPi which ran smoothly without any issue at all. I am too happy to use the hass now. However, as I started to use this as a service, I am feeling that there is a potential security risk using this system via port forwarding. Technically my home is just behind a password! I was wondering if 2FA is possible with hass at all. Have anyone thought about this ?