Home Assistant Installation Methods - What For Who?

Hello community!

I am a complete beginner when it comes to RaspberryPi, but I have a rudimentary knowledge of Linux.

After buying the PI and the decision to run various programs there, which should relieve the operating system of my NAS in the future, I tried the Home Assistant under PI-OS, which also worked without any problems

After a few hours of research on YouTube and other internet sources, I discovered that almost everyone is talking about the managed OS “hassio” and that hassio is being slowed down.

The PUTTY console is - let’s say - slimmed down.
I can find the AddOns everywhere

So why should you take the hassio image,
when you can install and use the Home Assistant in the normal way in PI OS?
Did I miss something?

I would be very grateful for any explanatory words.



The name hassio was abandoned more then a year ago.

See here for installation methods :

If they are talking about “hassio” they are all outdated. Refer to the official installation instructions which are kept up to date as opposed to unofficial instructions elsewhere.

If you read the official instructions for Home Assistant Supervised, you will discover that the only officially supported linux distro is (currently) Debian 10. No derivatives of Debian are officially supported (Ubuntu, PI OS, etc). The development team reserves the right to refuse providing support for problems that may occur when Home Assistant Supervised is used with anything other than Debian.

Now I’m more confused.

I followed the instructions on this site: Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant

On that page there are instructions to install

  • Home Assistant OS
  • Home Assistant Container
  • Home Assistant Core


is not very helpfull.

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Those instructions don’t describe installing PI OS like you said you had tried:

and referenced in your question:

Using Home Assistant Supervised on PI OS would not be considered “the normal way” (on Debian would be fine).

If you review the table comparing installation methods, the principle difference between Home Assistant OS and Home Assistant Supervised is the former includes an operating system (with automatic upgrades) whereas the latter doesn’t (which you must provide, namely Debian). Other than that, they are functionally the same except you have to manage Debian.

Thank you.

I think using the HA OS will deny the possibility to insall other software packages on my pi

Supervised on Debian is likely your choice then

For instructions :