Home Assistant installed on Docker issues with mini media player, yes Im also a N00B..lol

Good day to all, I’m new to Home Assistant, but sort of well versed in Home Automation getting my feet wet back in the day of X10 home automation, Ive installed Home Assistant on my Openmediavault Docker, I have all my devices installed no issues, set up Alexa media player that went well she talks when different sensors are activated, So my issues are setting up Mini media player from the HACS store, when I try to add a card type: 'custom:mini-media-player'
i get this error : UI editor is not supported for this config:
No visual editor available for: custom:mini-media-player
You can still edit your config in yaml.:
from my understanding I may have to install a media player, not sure on how to do that, as Im still learning, any advice would be appreciated thanks so much.

You need to configure it via writing yaml code. You type it in the box above where yo usee that message. There are samples in the mini-media-player docs, but you can start with something as simple as

entity: media_player.laundry
type: 'custom:mini-media-player'

Yes, you do need a media player installed, but you seem to have done that

Thanks like this

Yep, but your media_player is probably called something else :slight_smile:

entity: media_player.family Echo Show that’s in my living room = media it will play through ?

media_player.family Echo Show is not an entity_id Take a look in the developer tools|states panel of HA. Type media_player in the “filter entites” box to find it quickly.

thanks needed the media_player.family_echo_show Underscore for it to show, awesome, thanks …