Home Assistant installed on proxmox but stopped updating

Hi I have Home Assistant installed on proxmox but recently found it has stopped updating from 2022.12.8 to 2023.2.2 or even its earlier also.
The error it gives is " Failed to call service update. Its not updating any thing, viz even addons.
pls guide.

My initial thought is to retrieve a backup.
Before proceeding with a backup, consider attempting an update through the Command Line Interface (CLI).

Forgot to mention, in Proxmox, you can access the VM console by navigating to the console tab and entering login at the > prompt. This will take you to the # prompt, from which you can run any command-line interface (CLI) command.

Still Not updating as I am running 2022.12.8 version

Above is the error I am getting when trying to update .
some time it shows installing but after that nothing happens.
I have re-installed Home Assistant on proxmox.
Please help