Home Assistant / Insteon Slow Response

Hi All

I just recently installed Home Assistant on a VM on my computer and the response time between a button click and the actual turning on/off of a device is really slow, between 1-5 seconds. I was wondering if there was anything I can do to debus this.

I’ve got Home Assistant running on a fairly well-spec’d computer (Intel 13-8100, 16GB Ram and 1TB HD). I originally installed HA in virtual box using the recommended settings (2cpu and 2GB Ram). It was sluggish so I thought I’d try it on VMWare since I use that at work. Both of them are about the same in terms of response time.

My Insteon setup contains about 50 switches/dimmers/sensors. Previously, I was running Indigo Domotics (on a VM on the same computer) and the response time on that was almost instantaneous.

I’m wondering if there’s something quirky about my setup since I can’t find many people complaining about the slow response times. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


By the way, I’m using a PLM

Hello, in order to diagnose this issue can you try the following:

  1. Upgrade to the latest release
  2. enter the following into your configuration.yaml file:
  default: warn
    pyinsteon.xxxxxx: debug

Replace the xxxxxx with any device ID that we can use to demonstrate the issue. For example, if you have a device 1A.2B.3C use 1a2b3c.
3. Retart HA
4. Trigger the device a few times in a way that demonstrates the issues
5. Upload the log file homeassistant.log

This will identify if the issue is the processing in HA vs the messages getting to HA.

Same issue, seeing 10-15s lag on all things insteon. Going from an ISY994 integration it’s jarring:

This uses a scene (42) and a device, 2B.FE.64

Link to log: insteon.log · GitHub

Using USB PLM and the docker image of Home Assistant. USB passhtru not an issue since my zwave setup is identical (docker image with USB adapter)

Running with

Will test updating to later (if available) to see if it makes a difference.


Im just transitioning over and im having the same slowness. Did you find any solution?

Same here! Please help!
@teharris1 what can we do to help? I am new to HA and was really excited about it’s capabilities, but this is bad enough to turn me away! What’s the deal with the delay?

The only disconcerting thing in the insteon debug logs is I see messages being sent to about 22 old devices that are dead or disconnected. Ping, Acks, and Naks are sent or received about once a second, sometimes more.

It’ll be non trivial effort to factory reset all my devices and I’m not convinced this extra traffic is enough to increase the lag on legit traffic to 7 or 10 seconds, is it?

My other system didn’t have that issue! It seems there’s something else going on here, no?

@robkap For your old devices, I have a feature that has been submitted for code review to delete devices including dead ones. However, in the meantime if you go into the Insteon panel and bring up the ALDB of the modem, you can remove any links to old devices. Once you do that, write the changes to the modem and restart HA. That will remove any knowledge of those devices which should eliminate that stale traffic.