Home assistant integration for local project


I am a beginner at home assistant with some very basic knowledge. And beginner level coding knowledge as well.
I Use a device called Picostone which is locally developed for home automation which controls my switches and has dimmable functions and works on the WiFi protocol I guess . It works through an app provided by the manufacturer and can be integrated with Alexa and google assistant and works perfectly fine . Is there a way I can code it to work with home assistant ?
Thank u home assistant community .

Picostone show’s the ability to integrate with Alexa, maybe you can create Alexa Routines for Picostone and then trigger them from HA, see post linked below.

Hi there !
Thank u so much for the quick reply . More than routines I am looking to turn the device on / off via the HA interface

So basically is there a way where I can turn ton/ off those devices which are already integrated in the Alexa app?

Yes, “have you read the post I linked?”, you can create template switches, template sensors, etc…, have those integrated in Alexa, then a routine can trigger the devices based on the sensor/switch state from HA.

Yes I did ! Wasn’t sure if my understanding was correct ! Thanks for reiterating though.
Thank you much. i’ll try that out and come back here if I have questions or problems
You have a good day

Sure thing, you’re in a good place, lots of great folks around here to help, welcome to Home Assistant!