Home Assistant Integration With Gavita Controller EL1 & EL 2


Not sure where to start but I am working on a project that would allow integration the Gavita EL1 & EL2 Gen2 Master controllers with Home Assistant.

Typically these controllers are used to allow up to 40 lights per channel over a bus. The controller and bus is using a standard rj11 mod plug with 4 wires so I am assuming it’s a 232 or 485 bus.

The goal of the project is be able to get rid of the Gavita Master Controller and hopefully run some type of gpio or network/wifi to 485 bus converter over mqtt via Home Assistant.

Does anyone know of a starting point to find out exactly the bus type the Gavita master controller is using? maybe a 485 sniffer?

more info to come as try to flush this one out.

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Have a any updates from your project?

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Would’ve to know more about this…