Home Assistant Integrations

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Im new to home assistant, and I was wondering if someone could explain what integrations are and how I use them? A detailed explanation for a complete noobie would help alot :smiley:
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An integration is the software that communicates between your physical device and Home Assistant.

Say you’ve bought new wiz-bang-widget-x.

If if talks via mqtt then you can load up the mqtt integration to connect to it.

If it has its own propriety communication protocol then someone has to write an integration for it.

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An integration is either a feature or a puzzel piece that connects in between two parts.
Feature means like, statistics sensor. It’s a sensor you can enable in HA and it just does that.

A puzzel piece would be the Tuya integration. This connects Tuya with HA so that they can interact with each other.
If you then add the puzzel piece to Sonoff, that means you have Tuya - HA - Sonoff connected. So you can with a Tuya temperature sensor turn on a Sonoff switch.

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