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I’m building an new house in Bucharest, Romania. While I’m pretty handy myself I don’t have the time nor detailed expertise to configure a whole home system including the basic automations, security, heating cooling, irrigation, alarm, camera’s etc…

Are there any integrators in Bucharest taht could take on such a project?

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The general consensus seems to be that if you don’t have the time then you should go with a commercial system like control 4

I live in Bucharest, but I don’t think HA has yet reached the level of simplicity where I could just install a system for you and forget about it, and with a 3.5 year old kid, post-installation support is an issue :frowning:

As for companies, I have yet to see anyone anywhere offer HA as a commercial solution…it’s the best home automation system in the world in my opinion, but it should be treated more as a hobby than a task :slight_smile:

For integrators to “install” HA, you will need to wait that HA reaches at least milestone version 1.0 as you can’t install a system that is too much evolving yet between each release :wink: I’m myself a programmer for Crestron/AMX and similar systems and I’m interested since a while to offer HA at my customers instead of the proprietary systems but it still needs to be more polished to be used like that !

I am of the view HA can be used in commercial systems, but only on a limited basis like as a states machine.

Using it for the automation and the likes, I wouldn’t do that for the above mentioned reasons.

You can use HA to connect to physical devices, and use some other platform for automatons.

I know of individuals who have had HA running for the best part of a year, and only had to upgrade, when a new feature was needed. Though his automation is done, using another framework. HA just acting as a states machine.

Why would you say that ? I have had my HA system running for months without any issues. I do have it running on a regular PC, raspberry was too slow.

Why would you not move your automations to HA ? If your other machine is controlling the devices, than throwing HA in the mix for showing/modifying states might result in some very bad user experience when the 2 systems are competing.

One very important thing to keep in mind: make sure everything is still working/controllable on site if HA is down. It would be really a pain if your light switches stopped working when HA went down.

Hi everyone,

I think I may have mislead you a bit due to how I framed my question.

For clarity, I’m capable of tinkering myself a bit: point in case I have a HA instance on a Pi3 running in my apartment right now (using only zwave plugs and other basic integrations), fully self installed and with automations up and running. No external help needed.

So what I’m looking for is an installer able to install the (zware or zigbee or WI-FI) switches, camera’s, security system etc, and to do the initial integration/setup.

From there on I can perfectly handle the system.

The reason is simple: I’d love to do it myself but no time and no electrical competency to physically ‘grid’ switches it into the house.

Hope this helps.

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Buna seara.
Acum o luna mi-am cumparat un Raspberry 3B pentru a-mi crea un sistem automatizat personalizat. Am inceput de la motorizarea jaluzelelor ci am sa continui cu alte sisteme si mecanisme ale casei.
Eu din fericire sunt ajutat de comunitatea italiana care este foarte bine pusa din punctul asta de vedere.
Deocamdata lucrez cu diverse componente Tuya, Sonoff si altele low cost made in China. Componentele vecinilor nostri bulgari Shelly mi se par destul de scumpe chiar daca am auzit doar lucruri bune despre ele in ceea ce priveste afidabilitatea si asistenta tehnica.

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