Home Assistant ios app siri and A/C

What is the right way to control A/C via siri (2.0 beta)?

I would like to set needed temperature, but can not figure out how to make shortcut. I only see one command for setting one target temperature. Seems to be wrong making a bunch of shortcuts for every temperature

Any help? I see now, that there is even more issue. If I even write shortcut to every degree, it still only change the temperature. A/C needs to have operation_mode command too. And it is another service.

I would like to do how I did with home kit: hey siri, a/c on 22 degree. And that is it. Auto mode and 22 degree.

How should I do that with shortcuts?

The better way to do this would be to use the generic Call Service intent.

I tried exactly that.
Here is what I did:

Target temperature changed but not the operation_mode. A/C is still off.