Home assistant ios not showing login prompt

Hello All

My system was all working fine until i deleted a file by accident and had to reinstall home assistant on my raspberry pi, after install and did all config back to original, i cannot connect my ipad mini to home assistant ios app, when i select the detected home assistant and try to save, i get the usual wrong password message, then when i press done, it open a blank white page with the blue bar on top, the login doesnt apear at all, i cannot enter my login info. when i try in the web browser with hassio.local:8123 same thing appen and its only doing it on this ipad. Now if i try on my iphone, laptop, and othe ripad i have its all working fine, its only not working on that ipad mini, and it was working yesterday…

ipad mini first gen, ios 9.x.x with home assistant companion 1.1.1
tried everything, reset ipad, reinstall the app, reeboot the pi,

Try clearing cookies / clearing settings from the app and try to login again, can you login using Safari on the ipad?

i found the issue, that day i have added javascript config in the configuration.yalm for the front end themes, i saw somwhere that the javascript is not suported in ios 9, so i have remove the java script form teh Yaml fike and it start working again, now just realized that i need a newer ipad:(