Home Assistant iOS not updating new iPhones?

Hi All

I am running:
Core Version
Newest Version
Operating System
Home Assistant OS 6.1

I have reset the App on my iPhone and I have deleted the ios.conf and also the integration but
no matter it dosent re-create the ios.conf?
I the restored the old ios.conf and it worked for the old phones on the list?

When I re-installed the IOS integration to HA it was just blanck and with no new ios.conf I couldnt get it to find the iphones?

I have discover enabled and this all worked before so something have changed?

the ios.conf file is no longer used by the mobile companion app. The app uses the integration. if new phones are not showing up in the integration, reset the app on the phone, delete the integration in HA, reboot HA, and try again.

Thanks! @squirtbrnr Ok so it have changed and i Can safely delete the iOS.Conf bit how to find the notification graders and ALK the other sensors? They where all found under the integration tile before?

cant get it working do I also need to delete the file “mobile_app” located in the .storage folder?
These files aloso looks wrong (wrong old phones)

What do I need to delete to start over getting all the phones intergrated? :slight_smile:

Just get a empty
Also found this? should this be deleted also?

the iOS integration is for the older pre v2 app and is the one that uses the ios.conf file. the mobile app integration is what the mobile companion app uses now. delete any phone listed in that integration, reset the app on the associated device, restart HA and try setting up the app and mobile integration again.

Thanks! @squirtbrnr that did it!
Does that mean I can delete the “IOS integration” and just keep the Mobile App integration?