Home Assistant iPad (IOS) Application

I have posted here a number of times in the last months about having issues with the HA iPad application crashing apparently for no reason. What I have discovered is that when this happens it’s 100% just the HA application that fails, all other applications and features of the iPad still function fine. Looking at the HA logs suggest the the HA application for some reason thinks that I have exceeded the 150 device limit, I have about 30 devices. When this takes place there is NO WAY to get HA back alive short of an iPad re-boot or force closing HA and starting it back up. This takes place far too often and is a total pain. I have tried using a browser and even Persistent Browser and to change. Just for another test I used a friends Android tablet and HA never crashed over a 4 day test. For such a capable open source application the frontend seems to be an ignored piece and an important one in my opinion.