Home Assistant is making my PC non responsive

What i found weird with it not being an HA issue is that other virtual machines with the exact same bridged adaptor network settings didn’t have the same effect. That’s been one of the things I haven’t been able to figure out.

Yeah I’m not gonna use HA inside of the ubuntu server, as soon as i saw it didn’t have all the features that went out the window very quickly. When I say home assistant lite that’s what I was referring to, In Ubuntu’s desktop server in the app store, that home assistant version didn’t have all the options a normal setup does. That’s all I was referring to.

I have tried with my laptop, it ran into the same problems when plugged into the lan so it’s definitely something to do with that. I’ve thought about a PI but I’m reading a lot of people talk about read issues with the SD cards and needing to replace them which is throwing me off.

I tried all the adapter types in the advanced network section, went through them one by one. I’ve also tried unchecking and checking the cable connected option. They all gave errors except for when I unchecked cable connected but upon doing that and loading HA, I couldn’t connect to it.

It does if you install the correct version - Home Assistant Supervised, which probably can’t be installed via the app store, and even it could, it would not be a recommended way to install.

And again, it’s not called Lite. It will either be Core or Container, read the post I linked you to regarding installations methods so you can learn the correct terminology.

Which makes it seem like you have a network config issue, or a hardware issue possibly.

There are ways to mitigate this by setting up the recorder component well to minimize logs files, or even better by using a USB SSD which works very well.

The one thing with the pi for me is that it plugs into the lan doesn’t it so it seems possible it might have the same issue.

Better you sort your network out, but a pi has wired and wireless ethernet.

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Please open a separate topic for this.

I’ve moved to a RP4 with SSD. Never got it resolved, Ubuiquiti support escalated to tier 3 then started ignoring all the information we had prior. Anyway the SSD instance is working so back up and running 24/7 now