Home assistant is unhealthy

I just installed Home assistant and it says it’s unhealthy.
I can’t update or install addons it only shows errors

Your installation is unhealthy
Running an unhealthy installation will cause issues. Below is a list of issues found with your installation, click on the links to learn how you can resolve the issues.

What do I do, How do I fix it?

Didn’t the solution link help?

After trying the links, I would suggest sharing more info about your system so you make easier for people to help you:

Which Home Assistant version are you currently running? Are you installing in a Raspberry Pi 4? RPi3? In a virtual machine? Etc.

Also take a look at Settings > System > Repairs and Settings > System > Logs… Share the relevant info with the community… Never share private info.

Here’s a log called “Log Details (ERROR)”

When I try to add an addon it shows an error
“‘AddonManager.install’ blocked from execution, system is not healthy”

When I try to update it says

No I tried running the command “ha supervisor update” It gave me the same error

Update I have ran out of replies sense I just made this account today.

Think it is either doing a update, not finished, or doing a backup.

Is your Home Assistant connected to a network with Internet access? Is there any firewall or other blocker preventing Home Assistant to access the Internet?

Have you tried to reboot the host system? You will find it under Settings > System > Hardware:

Rpi with Home Assistant on sd card? Maybe is the sd card broken. Try a fresh install on a other sd card.

Anything under Repairs?

Why are you creating new accounts. Use the one you have. I set the level to member so you can post. Stop creating new accounts.

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Thank You!

I tried but still got the same error.

Then I have no idea anymore.

my wife says the same thing to me (“Home assistant is unhealthy”) given how much time I spend configuring it :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: