Home Assistant just stopped loading remotely from both web and iOS app

I get this error when loading on the net:

Is the duckdns addon started?

You should probably sanitise your duckdns domain from that image.

duckdns and nginx are both running. I have restarted them both to no avail

Is duckdns picking up your public ip address correctly?

I don’t think there’s an issue with duckdns. The first time I try to access I get the blue band across the top of the screen but then after a few more seconds a HA logo and a simple message “Unable to connect to Home Assistant.” It’s hitting the URL, just not loading the system.

Google simply says “The site is currently unreachable”

I checked my ip vs duckdns and everything is correct. All I did was reboot the system from my iOS app and it stopped working.

Is the /lovelace at the end of the URL an issue? Lovelace has been automatically added to hassio but I don’t find any documentation regarding adding it to the remote URL yet it automatically come up at the end of what I type. The first time I try to access remotely I get this;

So it’s not a DNS issue. What could be causing it to not connect?

is it loading by going to the local ip address:port of your HA?

have you made any recent changes to the config? specifically did you make any changes right before you restarted and it didn’t work?

Yes, locally it’s fine. I made no changes at all to any file, just restarted it after giving a component a static IP. Never came back.