Home Assistant + Konnected Alarm Panel Pro - config?

Hi everyone,

Just completed installing the new Konnected.io Alarm Panel Pro - installed it / powered it up and HA detected it automatically.

Went through and configured the zones (motion sensors) all as binary sensors set to ‘motion’.
The ‘out1’ set to ‘switch’ as its the relay to be able to remote arm/disarm.

This is where things got confusing, the actual alarm installation into my old DSC PC1864 panel took not long at all. However I have spent hours trying to work out how to do what are apparently ‘easy’ things with HA but cannot work it out.

There seem to be many threads out there about people wanting to be able to ‘arm / disarm’ konnected via HA and people discussing problems and everytime someone ‘gets it working’ there are no updates or details.

Konnected themselves offer almost nil support/instructions on this either. I am also a newbie with the HA environment as well.

Hoping someone may have installed the new konnected panel and be able to assist / explain how they were able to setup ‘badges’ on their home assistant dashboard where you can view the

“armed status”
“arm triggered”
and have a button where you can arm/disarm.

While writing this, I just got the ‘card’ working on the lovelace dashboard where I was able to set the switch and have it set to ‘toggle’ and have the alarm armed / disarmed. So thats a win. Not sure how or if its possible to get that same behaviour into a badge on the dashboard though. The card is absolutely huge in size. Might be user error in that regard.

Any help appreciated everyone.

The entities card (plural) will let you make a single line switch. You don’t have to add multiple entities. When you edit a dashboard, the name of the tab, not the page itself there is a little pencil.

Click that, the second tab on the pop up will show badges. If there is a way to make them buttons, I am unaware of it.