Home Assistant + Konnected Notifications? how to improve?

Hi everyone,

This might be more of a general notification query with home assistant, currently with our konnected system and other notifications.

I’m using the ‘notify.notify’ to send an alert which pops up on our phone.
Question I have is, is there a way to send an sms or a vibration alert to your phone, something that has to be dismissed?

Reason I ask, in the example with konnected, if the alarm goes off, or if home assistant detects the garage door open (via ismartgate) I’d like for it to send a notification that the user has to ‘dismiss’ or acknowledge.

Rather than have the alert just sit on the phone that could be missed.

Thanks everyone!

Yes, use Alert for this? I do!

For our security alerts we use (depending on circumstances):

  1. HA Android official application with a notification channel configured to bypass DnD settings and a horrifically loud alert tone.
  2. Pushover messages using the priority setting to bypass DnD with a repeating sound every 60 seconds for 5 minutes or until acknowledged in the Pushover app.
  3. For repeating alerts you can use the while construct in the automation if you prefer. I switched our garage door from an Alert to a repeating notification to keep the code more centralised and easier to reload without a restart if changed:
    # send notifications when open 15 minutes at 5 minute intervals until 30 minutes
        - condition: state
          entity_id: cover.garage_door
          state: "open" 
        - condition: template
          value_template: "{{ repeat.index <= 4 }}"
        - service: notify.mobile
            title: "Security Alert"
            message: "The Garage Door has been open for <b>{{ (15 + (repeat.index * 5)) }}</b> minutes."

i need to check this out, currently on a hauwei p30 pro as my primary phone / wife on iphone, so need to check this out. I believe with mine it only allows interruptions from specific callers / messages ie “favourites only” , not app specific but will need to check more detail.

I also need to check that ‘alert’ item as mentioned as I really want something to appear and notify us thats alarming / makes us take notice so we have to dismiss the event, if / when the alarm is triggered.

Right well, that took all of 45secs tow ork out how to allow HA andriod official app to bypass DND settings hah