Home assistant Landing Page docker doesn't work without network connectivity

Just making sure I understand what’s going on…

I’m trying to put my Home Assistant in a segregated vlan in my network… no internet without my say-so.

If I don’t have internet access enabled (port 443 and/or 80), it seems like the homeassistant landing page docker container fails to launch. Observer is showing connected, supported and healthy, but nothing is listening on 8123. If I enable 80/443 and power cycle the rpi, it seems to fix itself, though I have to uninstall/reinstall my addons.

Is this expected behaviour, or have I done something wrong potentially?

I’m running on a rpi 3b off an SSD with external power.
I just updated to the latest patch tonight - don’t have the release number handy… I had internet enabled for the update, and it rebooted fine. I then disabled my internet and rebooted the pi, and it’s just hung.

Sorry for the ramble… been struggling with this for most of the night. :frowning:

If you have Observer, you are probably running HA OS. HA OS is not very usable without internet access.

ahh… that makes sense. Thank you for confirming that for me Francis… I’ll look at switching over to a different implementation of Home Assistant I guess… I really don’t like being tied to the internet… :stuck_out_tongue: