Home Assistant Locking Up

I’m trying to figure out why HA locks up? My instance of Home assistance locks up an a pretty regular basis (every couple days or so). It started locking up on a regular basis about 3-4 months ago. How can I figure out what is causing it?

I keep the software updated, the only custom components I have installed via HACS is the WyzeSense integration (has been installed since I first setup HA). When it locks up I’m not able to connect to HA via my web browser or with the mobile app and none of my automations work. The only thing that resets it is by shutting off power and turning back on.



Hi Rob,

I have exactly the same thing. Any solutions you have come across sofar?

Grts Aham

You may be running out of RAM, which is probable if you’re hosting your instance on a device like a Raspberry Pi. Try this integration and monitor your memory usage. If it’s getting high, you can track which addons are using the most memory with the docker stats command.

Running HA on a RPi 4 8GB
256 M.2 SSD

doubt that that is the case but I’m no expert.