Home Assistant Memory Increase 0.2mb per 1-2 seconds VirtualBox 1.6.38 issue

So I have upgraded to the latest versions and for a few months now I have noticed HA steadily increasing memory usage. After a fresh reboot it starts off at about 1.2gb then climbs at 0.2mb every second. I have disabled every add on and integration and the memory still climbs. It reaches a point where the machine uses about 80% ram (32gb). I notice it before this point and restart the VM.

Virtual Box VM 6.1.38 on Windows.
Home Assistant 2023.5.2
Supervisor 2023.04.1
Operating System 10.1
Frontend 20230503.3 - latest

I cannot figure out what is causing it, any ideas?

I ran a history chart on Memory and CPU usage of HA and Memory is about 656mb constant and CPU 5-10%.

4GB Ram allocated with 2 cores/4 threads.

Upgraded to 1.6.44, still happening.
Downgraded to 1.6.22, wtf mem usage went from 1.2gb down to 70mb! Still increasing at 0.3mb per second though

So with 1.6.38 on loading the VM Virtualbox would be around 600mb in Windows. With HA fully loading it would be at 1.2gb.
Downgrading to 1.6.22 mem usage went on loading theVM Virtualbox to 65mb. With HA fully loaded it is still at around 70mb.

I was running 2 cpu for 4 threads and 1gb ram, decreased vcpu to 1 for 2 threads and 2 gb ram and now the memory usage in task manger is actually decreasing to about 70-80mb

Conclusion: Virtual Box 6.1.36 onwards are causing memory leak issues.

Few days later memory slowly increased to 3gb. Restart and it goes back to a few hundred mb slowly increasing.

Use board/chipset ich9

Now its gone backup to 627mb from 70mb… Will test that change for the chipset. I had it set to PIIX3

When I set it to ICH9 it would not start up. Went straight to command line after some pci warnings.