Home Assistant, MQTT, OwnTracks Not Communicating With Each Other Properly? (Leave Event Not Being Triggered)

There seems to be a communication issue between HA, MQTT, and OwnTracks, but I can’t find any obvious causes, and I’m not sure what to even try next.

Long story short, I’m trying to setup a simple Home zone for enter/leave automations, and even though my wife’s iPhone is publishing to the MQTT server just fine via OwnTracks, HA doesn’t seem to be using the most recent data to determine if she’s home or not. If I check the MQTT data the lat/lon of her last message are showing her as being at work (which is correct), but if I check her current data in HA it’s showing her as being home. No “leave Home” event was triggered, and HA thinks that she’s still at home (despite MQTT saying the opposite).

I’m using the events_only: true option with OwnTracks so that only enter/leave zones are reported, as that’s really all we currently care about with our automations, and using this option should help conserve quite a bit of battery over publishing the location data via the move and significant changes modes (SC wouldn’t even work for us, as she works very close to home).

So it seems as though HA is having an issue picking up her MQTT data. There’s nothing odd in the logs, and I’m starting to run out of ideas regarding what to try next.

Has anyone else run into this issue?