Home Assistant não reconhece meus Sensores Tuya Zigbee e Wi-fi

Instalei o H.A. mas ele não reconhece nenhum de meus sensores de casa (Portas, Janelas, Agua, Fumaça, PIR), nem os Zigbee nem os wi-fi. Reconhece apenas lampadas, relés e tomadas. Saberiam me orientar como solucionar esse problema Todos meus dispositivos são da plataforma Tuya Smart Life

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I installed HA but it does not recognize any of my home sensors (Doors, Windows, Water, Smoke, PIR), neither Zigbee nor wi-fi. It only recognizes lamps, relays and sockets. Can anybody help me to solve this problem? All my devices are from the Tuya Smart Life platform

Did you install the Tuya integration?

It seems to be a bit limited at the moment - mainly turning things on and off, no sensors. There is also a custom integration in HACS, but it looks much the same:

A limitation imposed by the API, apparently. There are instructions for checking whether it can be used to control your devices here: