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Hi all,

I’m based in Wanaka and have been using Home Assistant for many years after migrating from OpenHAB.

I have many cool HA automations running including my Zehnder ComfoAir ventilation system, a Velux skylight, and SunCraft motorised shade sails among others.

I run a Davis weather station but I’ve always been super keen to get hold of a good reliable weather forecast as most API’s such as AerisWeather only estimate for Wanaka and they are very poor at it.

I see MetService have a new API at MetService - Te Ratonga Tirorangi - has anyone had a play with it? I admit not being all that comfortable trying work my way around API’s as I’m not a programmer.

I note that @Damaar has been trying to integrate it with questions here - but I thought I’d see if anyone else has had any luck with it?

Cheers, Tim

There’s actually 3 of us! I’ve been using Home Assistant for about 6 years but never bothered to check the Social section for anything NZ related before - I mainly keep an eye on the Australian hardware thread for any new toys to add to my setup.

Main thing I’m trying to solve at the moment is:

  1. What EVSE to get that I can control from HA. Something that supports OCPP would probably be best, SmartEVChargers (based in CHCH selling what I think are rebadged Rolecs) sell some that claim OCPP 1.6j support but it could be a bit of a gamble for full compatibility. Evnex (designed and built in Chch) would be the top contender if it wasn’t cloud based.
  2. How to get the SOC for my Ioniq5. I’m thinking maybe a Wican OBD that then talks to HA via MQTT.

I’m on the Z energy EV plan, cheap power from 9pm-7am and free power from 3am-6am, so I want to maximise the amount of charging it does during the free power but scale back a bit if the dishwasher and washing machine are running (also controlled by HA), but if the SOC is below a threshold also charge during the off peak rate hours.

i just send all my weather station info to weather underground and then use Wundergroundpws to bring it back to HA, youll find it in HACS integrations

Yeah, I’ve done this in the past and while it returns current weather from my station just fine the forecasting is rubbish for here.

Very interested to see if you come up with a solution for this! I started investigating various OBD-II adapters for my IONIQ5 but didn’t get far.

I have a Wallbox charger which integrates into HA just fine so I have the charging bit sorted. Just need to know the SOC from the car.

I have a Tesla so use any dumb charger and instead control the charge rate using the car. Is there an API or integration for the Ioniq itself like Tesla?
Here is a blueprint I created which controls the charge rate based on load on the main power feed to the house - doesnt do schedulong thats done separately.

You maybe able to reuse some of the logic to create something similar.

Unfortunately not, Hyundai models in NZ and Australia don’t have an app/API access, I don’t think they’ve installed the necessary hardware. Thanks for the blueprint, I’ll take a look.

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have you searched for your weather station here … i should of done it before posting but didnt on look after and i see there heaps of info within this forum

I’m not sure what you’re on about here. I’m after a reasonable weather forecast for Wanaka. Since my weather station doesn’t provide a forecast and WeatherUnderground forecasts are completely unreliable for here I was hoping to be able to hook into the MetService API easily without resorting to deciphering it myself.

I’ll let you know. My car is with Hyundai at the moment getting one of the battery modules replaced (I discovered a faulty cell about 4 weeks ago) so I’m waiting to see that it all goes smoothly before I continue. The Wallbox looks good, it’s just a bit pricier than I was hoping to spend.

Have you looked at met.no - it is a built in integration, and despite being Norwegian based is surprisingly good. They must have a bigger computer :slight_smile:

I created a custom integration for Contact Energy a few months ago. Your power consumption data gets loads as statistics into the Energy dashboard in HA.


I made a custom integration for Meridian Energy a few months ago. Same as the Contact Energy one, it populates your Energy dashboard.


you would happen to have one hiding away for “mercury energy”

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Lol. I’m not rich, sorry. They are far and away the single most expensive retailer in my area by more than $1,000 a year.

Added, but it only shows zero so far.

You need to first go into your Energy dashboard and setup the sensors, then look back a few days as Meridian’s data isn’t live (usually comes through in about 24 hours). Sometimes the Energy dashboard itself (unrelated to this component) can take a while to update too.

Are you seeing a sensor that only shows zero? If so, I need to remove that - the sensor is a placeholder that does nothing.

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Right, yeah, sorry - that doesn’t do anything. You need to go into Settings > Dashboards > Energy and complete setting it up.

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Yeah added it there now, waiting my 24 hrs :slight_smile: