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Deleted as it was not rational

So if you are this unhappy then why post? Just to rant? Nothing better to do?

Hi, maybe it’s not bad to have a look at the person who is having so much issues and not at the technoligy/machine…
If creating a profile to ventilate your frustration is your way of approaching something that doesn’t work for you, I would strongly advise you to stay away from HA.

Do you still want to automate stuff at your place, get one of the solutions from a big company, find an installer and pay the bill.
That way you will be more at ease.


I first played around with HA 4 years ago, then installed my production setup 3.5 years ago. I have never had to start again from scratch, I have made the odd mistake and had to restore a backup. But that is no fault of HA. Very rarely had any crashes. Only installed the app once on each device. In fact I have just had a look at my proxmox server which I set up 6 months ago, it has not been rebooted in all that time. HA has been restarted on the server but only because I have 2 instances and only run one at any time.

My feeling says its more to do with person than HA.

Response deleted too - apologies accepted.

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I don’t share your experience. I actually like HA

Come on… Give the guy a break. He’s had a frustrating experience - I’m sure he feels better.

Um… why reply? :thinking:

You are right. Deleted as it was not rational. Level of frustration can increase but this is personal staff and nothing to share with the community… so pls accept my apologizes :v:


No need to apologize, to who? HA?

I totally understand that one can get frustrated when starting with this kind of journey.
The learning curve can be steep and with so many options of communication protocols, hardware (both the devices to automate and the hardware you use to do so) ways of installations, it can become a PITA.

Keep in mind that this (HA):

  • is free to download/use
  • the forum is driven by volunteers
  • HA can tie almost anything together
  • HA has a high level of DIY and therefore you need some time to get it running (depending on the path you choose)

I was serious when I said that if you don’t want to invest some time in this and still want to automate stuff, you better go for a product from a big company and all of it’s devices.
BUT… be aware that you will be bound to the limitations/functionality/options/updates (or lack of) they provide/support/life span of that product.

You probably have spent some time reading left and right (unless you jumped in ‘last night’ and got frustrated right away) and you could have noticed that this is a very helpful community in case you stumble on issues that you can’t solve yourself.

I would advise you to reflect on things related to home automation and what you want from it.
If you decide to take the plunge, ask (good questions) and you will be helped.