Home-assistant nodes disappearing from pallette


I am setting up nodered as part of my docker-compose file (so, not the hassio addon, i run the docker image of home assistant). I copied over the flows from a previous setup and then went and installed the missing node types from the pallette manager. However, the home assistant nodes have now disappeared. When I restart the container, nodered complains that it is missing the node types, but the pallette manager indicated the nodes being installed.

Also, I did not notice anything related in the logs.

Also, this is not happening for other node types I installed (such as light-scheduler and stoptimer).

Anybody a clue what I have messed up? :slight_smile:

Fixed: The github repo’s for those home-assistant nodered packages, state that a nodered v8 image should be used. Since I installed from the pallette manager, I had not noticed that.