Home Assistant Not Detecting Devices On Eero Network

Hello everyone, quite new to setting up home assistant. Setup has been smooth for the most part but I can’t get Home Assistant to detect devices connected to an Eero Setup that I have connected to the same router. I understand that there must be a way for the two LAN ports to interact with each other or for the Eero Devices to show Home assistant the wireless devices that are connected to them.

Would appreciate the help as I’ve been really trying to fix this for the past two hours.

I think I figured this out - In the eero app go to your network settings and then DHCP & NAT. In there change the setting to bridge. As soon as I did that the Wi-Fi devices started showing up again

This did so not work for me. I ended up with Eero support for an hour getting my network up and running again.

Hi - did you ever find a solution for this?