Home Assistant not reachable after fresh install


I’ve been facing issues with my home assistant not starting / starting and then stopping after i started using the google generative ai integration (not sure if it’s causally linked).

I bit the bullet after no logs were being generated and decided to do a fresh install. I’ve tried both an USB drive and an SD card.

However, once i power up / connect the home assistant via a lan cable, nothing seems to work - i’m not able to reach the home assistant page.

Looking at the sd card - i can see the hassio-data partition, however, there is nothing in the the homeassistant folder (where you’d normally expect to see logs)

Port querying homeassistant, i can see that the IP address has resolved, but the port 8123 is not listening.

Has anyone faced something similar?

I checked the observer, that seems to state that home assistant is healthy