Home assistant not reachable anymore


I cannot connect to my home assistant at all.
I can ping it but that’s it.

What happend was the following, my internal DNS server(Pi hole) went down.
so I restarted that one.
after this home assistant wasn’t reachable anymore for over an hour.
So I unplugged the device en started it again. HA sort of started. So I treid to install SSH for the future.
but it looked like nothing was happening. then it seems to be installed but connection was refushed.
also my MQTT was’t working and HA didn’t respond to a lot of buttons. also it did not respond to restart or stop. In network monitor I saw, nothing was triggered.
So I unplugged the device again and plugged it in again.

but now the device isn’t reachable at all. I can ping it but that’s it.
is there any way to recover my installation? And if not. How Can I use the backups which were created before an update?
I can’t reach them on the SSD using my windows machine.
thank you for your answer.

What HA installation and Hardware are you using?
Did you try reaching it via the IP?
You cloud also hook up a Monitor and see the console output

Thank you for your reply
I am using a raspberry PI 3A+ as hardware
and I use an SD drive instead of SSD.
I followed this manual for installation

32 bit. as I had some issues with 64.
via IP I also Cannot reach HA.

I just tried hooking up a monitor and HA seems to be in some kind of boot loop.
Most goes ok. But then I get those 3 lines. (typed over from image)

[FAILED] Failed to start Docker Application Container Engine.
see 'systemctl status docker
[Depend] Dependency failed for HassOS supervisor
[Depend] Dependency failed for Dropbear SSH daemon
and then a lot goes ok again.
then a black screen and everything starts over.

So I think docker won’t start. Is there a way to fix this?

for now,
I was able to recover my backup files using this tool

then I reinstalled home assistant.

most of the stuff is working, but I have still a few issues. which I need to fix.

Still the issue is strange. but I managed to continue

Good to hear :+1:
Somehow I didn’t get notified about your reply, but I was about to suggest something similar.
You are right that is strange. I’m using pi hole too and didn’t have any similar issues with it.
I also suggest saving your backups somewhere else. I do a daily backup to my NAS but you could probably use an USB stick too


I have roughly the same problem. I can no longer access the Homeassistant web interface when I visit http://homeassistant.local:8123. I also can’t access via IP address
The home assistant can be pinged via the console.
The home assistant runs on a Raspberry PI 4. If I then restart it (shortly unplugging it) I can get it working again.

What can I do here?