Home Assistant not seeing Zigbee

I’m at a complete loss here. I cannot figure this out. Please help. :slight_smile:

My Setup

Windows 10 Home

  • Version 22H2
  • OS Build 19045.2846

Home Assistant Running on

  • VMWare Workstation 16 Player

Home Assistant Core 2023.3.4
Supervisor 2023.04.0
Operating System 9.5

I just bought the Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus and plugged it into my HA host machine (details above) but it doesn’t see it.

At first the Windows Device Manager had a driver error on it, but it was not found via Windows Optional Updates. So, I found this post that instructed me to download and install the driver from Silicon Labs.

I installed the driver and rebooted the machine and no more errors in the Device Manager. Plugged the USB Dongle back in but still nothing in HA. Followed this walk-through on flashing it. That went without any hiccups.

I tried to setup the Integration manually by going to Settings > Devices and Services > Add Integration and adding the Zigbee Home Automation.

It detected Serial Device Path of /dev/ttyS0 - ttyS0 but after a few seconds of spinning presents me with the manual list. I selected the ZNP = Texas Instruments Z-Stack since that one had the actual model number of the firmware flashed in the video tutorial.

Then I’m presented with a screen asking for the Serial Port Settings. Serial Device Path is filled in (see above), port speed set to 115200 and then 3 data flow control options: hardware, software, and the last one has no text at all; just a radio. Doesn’t matter none of these work.

Zigbee Home Automation Screenshots


HA still does not see the dongle. What am I missing?

EDIT: Fixed typos.
EDIT: I actually don’t want Zigbee Home Automation Integration but Zigbee2Mqtt; either way HA doesn’t see anything.


Step one is to go to settings → hardware and then click “all harware”. This will list all the hardware HA can see. I have a Z-Wave and Zigbee USB stick so it looks like this.

If it’s not listed in “all hardware” then you have a VMWare issue and need to look at the mapping (I have no idea how VMware works).

If it is listed then make sure the serial device path is actually /dev/ttyS0


In addition to what Simon says, if you do not want zigbee Home automation integration, but Zigbee2MQTT, you will need the Zigbee2MQTT addon ( GitHub - zigbee2mqtt/hassio-zigbee2mqtt: Official Zigbee2MQTT Home Assistant add-on) and an MQTT broker (I use Mosquitto).

Thanks. I do have those ready to go.

Thank you. That was it, VMWare showed the device as available to connect to, and when I did, it failed due to an “unknown driver error”. A simple reboot and making sure VMWare automatically connects the device also needed to be selected.