Home Assistant not showing colour temperature on lights, only showing RGB

Hey guys, I’ve got some LED strips and desk tube lamps that support both RGB and a white light mode which is brighter and more pleasing to the eyes compared to RGB white. I am wanting to switch between these however HASS only seems to support RGB on these, even though another light I have which supports colour temperature (basically the same colour I’m trying to get except this supports change of colour temperature where as the others don’t), comes up with the slider.

I am using Tuya app to add the devices which works fine, but in home assistant it just doesn’t come up.

Even in developer tools in home assistant, I try to add to a script the mode color_mode: Brightness Which is what I want as the colour mode. Normally for RGB it is color_mode: RGB or something like that

Any help would be much appreciated. Even if I can get a script or something to work it’s just that I don’t want to have to go to the Tuya app every time I switch from RGB colours to the solid brighter light colour.

Note: these devices are apart of the Mirabella Genio range of that changes anything

Thanks guys.

Here is another pic of what it looks like on the Tuya smart app. You can see it is currently on that light mode. You can switch from light to RGB here but not in HA

What Version of HA is this.