Home Assistant not updating person location/status since last update

Home Assistant stopped updating person location since last update ( Home Assistant Core 2022.5.5, Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.05.3, Home Assistant OS 8.1)

Official mobile app on iOS seems to be sending location correctly since it’s also linked to “home” instance wich gets location updates and determines person status (home/not_home) correctly. The “home” instance is run in docker and hasn’t been updated in a while but works absolutely fine. The “cottage” instance which is on RPi4 worked fine until last update. Person status is determined by location which is stuck in one place and won’t update even though the mobile app is sending the location properly and is set to location permissions = always. It’s stuck for all 4 people. Basically all mobile properties aren’t updating for the “cottage” instance even though I can still switch lights and control it from the frontend as if nothing was wrong. Both instances are accessible using https from the outside.

I am having the same issue, have you managed to find a fix for it?

Same here, anything new?

I have the same issue and it’s the same for all four people in our house hold.

All phones have permission to share the location set to always, and I can see my actual location is correct under location history in the app settings - but HA still sees everyone as being ‘away’.

Have tried everything in all the guides I could find, but the issue persists.

Follow these steps and then get the logs as part of the same steps.

Thanks. All phones are iPhones though - any tips for this?

I get correct status and location when I use the iPad app on my MacBook - but all iPhones only show home address and status ‘home’.

All other sensors (battery%, steps, etc) integrated via the app updates just fine.

Same issue here. Just started happening to one person in our household using iOS. The only way to update their location Is to open the app and pull down to refresh. Went through all troubleshooting and iOS/HASS configuration. Stumped.

I get this EVERY month. I uninstall the companion app, uninstall the phones from HA, reinstall everything and it usually works again. This time however, I cannot get the phones to update location.
When I look at the sensors exposed in HA, I toggle wifi on my phone and it usually changes to wifi or cellular within the sensors in HA, it has stopped doing that now. When I toggle from cellular to wifi, cellular flashes up briefly before showing wifi.
Has anyone got a solution to this ? It’s getting annoying now lol

check the steps mentioned in my post above, assuming the issue is on android

Sorry, I forgot to say it’s for iPhone

I had the same issue. All phone sensors would update, except the location (yes, the app had share always turned on).

Tried just about anything - and no answers on the internet or HA forums…

Turned out the solution was this:

  1. log out of the iPhone app
  2. Go to devices and integrations in HA
  3. Go to ‘Mobile App’ and disable the devices with problems
  4. Then delete the device with problems
  5. Re-log in to the app on the phone

All device that re-login will be recreated and all sensors updates as expected, incl. location.

Hope this helps.

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Hello everybody,
i have the same Problem, with 4 Iphones (1xIphone7, 2x Iphone11, 1x Iphone13) i use the HA App on all devices and i use the Icloud integration on HA. All Persons are showing at home but we are at work or school. The stautus didn´t change for a week.
Can anybody tell me what i can do.


Thanks for your help and have a nice day


I finally decided to give cloud a try and was hopeful that it would update my location to automatically set things when I leave the house but I’m having trouble with it. I’m using an S22 Ultra with the app and I know that I have my connection turned on for cloud. If I turn off wifi I can still control devices in the house, so I know that is working. I was away from home for a few hours yesterday, and all day today, yet HA shows me as home the entire day. The phone battery sensor didn’t report any updates until as soon as I got home, then it started reporting. I know that my GPS was working and I had mobile data because I used Android Auto for the drive there and back, and I used the GPS app a few times to get my current coordinates so I know I had high accuracy GPS. Looking at the logs it seems that it failed to send while I was driving because of low accuracy. I’m bumping it up from 200 to 400 as it seemed to be saying the accuracy was between those.

During the day while I was outside it was either just FAILED_SEND result or “duplicate”. I know I also had data connection as I was using the Internet on my phone and even had my phone as a mobile hotspot for much of the day.

I’ve read the mobile companion doc and everything is configured as stated. Location access is always on, no battery saving enabled, etc.

This worked like a charm! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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