Home Assistant NUC image getting stuck on "waiting for root device" on Odroid H2

I’m trying to install Home Assistant on my Odroid H2. Previously I used the Dockerized version of both HA and Hass.io (before the name change) successfully. According to the Odroid forums, multiple people have succeeded to install it on the H2 by using the NUC images.

Well, my install is getting stuck. After initialising all the hard drives connected, all the networking, it simply hangs on “waiting for root device” with a partition GUID. I’ve tried installing via USB, but that refused to boot completely, getting stuck on the hassio-boot boot menu. Currently I’m trying to flash the NUC image on the eMMC module (32GB model, should be large enough), and the above error message appears.

Is it possible that the NUC image is not prepared to boot from eMMC, and that is causing the above error message? Is there any way to counter this, or do I have to go the way of a Supervised install?

I am also considering buying Odroid H2 +. Were you able to load and run the Hass.io NUC image?

No, I ended up using the Assisted installation method - in fact I’m running HA, mostly without issues, on Ubuntu 20.04, and the H2 serves a few other needs as well (mainly backup from my main server and phone, thanks to the 2TB storage in it).

The only persisting problem I had with this setup is that the Supervisor would often lose udev access, and I’d need to reboot the whole unit whenever I wanted to install/update addons, or update HA itself. Since this only happens like, every two weeks, it’s not that big of a nuisance.