Home Assistant observer problem


for some time my observer stopped working, it shows this:

Supervisor: Connected
Supported: Processing…
Healthy: Processing…

and this error is logged:

ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.api.middleware.security] Invalid token for access /supervisor/info

I tried core and supervisor repair commands using HA CLI but it didn’t help. Looks like HA observer docker image contains invalid supervisor token, any idea how to update this token or reinstall just observer (not whole Home Assistant)?

Everything works ok, supervisor and also core, just observer is not working so thats why I want to avoid full reinstall.


I found solution so if somebody has same problem, you need to downgrade observer and HA will upgrade it automatically (or you can also upgrade it manually if needed) and fix token issue.

This is downgrade command relevant for 2023.06.00 observer version:

ha observer upgrade --version 2022.10.0