Home Assistant Octopus Energy - Display Target Times

I am new to HA and want to use it to control charging and discharging of my GivEnergy solar battery system.
I have successfully installed and used Home Assistant Octopus Energy custom component from BottlecapDave on GitHub … and it is really good.

When you have a target time period, one of the attributes is “target_times” which is a list of all the times that the target should be “on”. What I want to do is display this list attribute on the HA dashboard so that I know in advance which times are picked?

I have used the List-Card form iantrich, again on GitHub, which is very good but a little restrictive especially in displaying dates and times.

Also the dates from BottlecapDave’s integration are all UTC and ideally I would like them in a Europe/London TZ

Can anyone help?

Also I have found very little documentation on the List Attribute (as opposed to a List of Attributes!). Could anyone point me in the right direction please, especially to the creation of a List Attribute?

Many thanks