Home-assistant Odd Behavior

I am running Home-assistant 0.59.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 on virtualenv.

My home assistant has been doing this for sometime now and I am just now able to try and look into it and I can’t see anything that stands out.

The issue is everyday or every day or two when I login to Home-assistant to check it out I noticed that my Wink hub and SABnzbd sensor are showing as if they are not connected and wants me to run through the config again. I just restart home-assistant and everything returns to normal but it seems like it has to be restarted every day or so.

Any idea what is causing this? The server its running on is on 24/7 as it runs a bunch of other stuff for our home. I have cleared the log and going to try and see a fresh log of it happening again, I will share once I see it.

Just wondering if anyone is seeing anything like this? Like I said a simple restart fixes it but it has to be done almost daily as it reverts back and does not ready all the config files until I restart it.

It seems like its happening when the server is restarted…is there something I should add to the systemd file to maybe delay the start up a bit? Basically my Wink hub and SABnzbd sensor show as if they have never been setup. A simple restart of the service file gets it all back but I have to do it manually. Any ideas?