Home Assistant on BananaPi

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I would love, if someone could explain me, how I can run HA on a Banana Pi. I tried it with the manual installation and Hassbian and so on, but it won’t work for me :unamused:

Hello! By manual installation, do you mean through pip? What operating system is your Banana running? (never thought I’d ask that)

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I have tried it on Lubuntu. And I have done the installation with the video tutorial of Bruh, like the very first one. Also tried it with Hassbian

If you are using armbian then take a look at this PR:

So i will install those python packages and then I have to follow what instruction? And what OS do I have to use?

OS does not matter much as long as Python is available. “Installation section” in the docs.

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Hello everyone,

In the last 3 years I used an BananaPi M1 for my home automation and monitoring, Imade myself the interface, didn’t used HA or any other software, just pure PHP/MySQL and HTML using responsive design, it looks perfect on both desktop and mobile.

Now, for a new apartment that we want to rent, I want to use HA for monitoring and automation, I also wanted to use the same BananaPi as it seems is very reliabl, with a SSD plugged in the embeded SATA port, this is the only reason I wanted to use BananaPi, as it already has an SATA port , no need for any adapters. Mine still boots from the SD, it’s no problem, but all the data is saved on the SSD.

So, can I use an BananaPi (BPI-M2 Banana Pi M2 Berry A7) with Armbian OS for HA?

Does HA needs an powerfull more CPU? Should I go for Raspi 3 with SSD on USB. Can I have the OS installed on the SSD? I really preffer directly on the SATA port, but unfortunatelly there is no Raspbbery with SATA port

Thank you…!


I haven’t got HA to work with my BananaPi… I’ve almost tried everything I could find.
I would go with a rpi3 or rpi4 if you want. If you really need the extra space, go for a nuc or any other linux server. You don’t want to install HA manually (that isn’t supported anymore anyways), you want to install hassio directly and that doesn’t work with a BananaPi.

@Paytrix thank you for your reply.

Anyone knows if I will get the NanoPi M4 with the aditional SSD board , can I install Home Assistant ?


find this post after blowing off sime dust on my M2U.
I have managed to upgrade it to Ubuntu 20, and made docker installation on SSD.
Stayed on kernel 3.10 though, as I’m on “linux user” level


trying to run HA OS on Banana pi m5 from SD card. I was able to write the Ubuntu image to the SD card without any problems and it boots correctly. However, if I write the HA OS image to the card, it will not start and instead Android will start, which is written in the eMMC memory. Is it necessary to edit something in boot.scr in HA OS so that it starts correctly, or is there another trick?

Thank you

Hi, have same Problem, but on bpi m3. Without SD android is booting. With SD armbian or raspbian images and most others are booting fine, but home assistant os somehow is not recognized by the pi. Every time android is booting. Sorry, my english is not the best

This page lists all supported hardware. For other single-board computers it could work with an existing image but the chance is high that it won’t.