Home Assistant on BananaPi

Hey there :slight_smile:

I would love, if someone could explain me, how I can run HA on a Banana Pi. I tried it with the manual installation and Hassbian and so on, but it won’t work for me :unamused:

Hello! By manual installation, do you mean through pip? What operating system is your Banana running? (never thought I’d ask that)

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I have tried it on Lubuntu. And I have done the installation with the video tutorial of Bruh, like the very first one. Also tried it with Hassbian

If you are using armbian then take a look at this PR:

So i will install those python packages and then I have to follow what instruction? And what OS do I have to use?

OS does not matter much as long as Python is available. “Installation section” in the docs.

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Hello everyone,

In the last 3 years I used an BananaPi M1 for my home automation and monitoring, Imade myself the interface, didn’t used HA or any other software, just pure PHP/MySQL and HTML using responsive design, it looks perfect on both desktop and mobile.

Now, for a new apartment that we want to rent, I want to use HA for monitoring and automation, I also wanted to use the same BananaPi as it seems is very reliabl, with a SSD plugged in the embeded SATA port, this is the only reason I wanted to use BananaPi, as it already has an SATA port , no need for any adapters. Mine still boots from the SD, it’s no problem, but all the data is saved on the SSD.

So, can I use an BananaPi (BPI-M2 Banana Pi M2 Berry A7) with Armbian OS for HA?

Does HA needs an powerfull more CPU? Should I go for Raspi 3 with SSD on USB. Can I have the OS installed on the SSD? I really preffer directly on the SATA port, but unfortunatelly there is no Raspbbery with SATA port

Thank you…!


I haven’t got HA to work with my BananaPi… I’ve almost tried everything I could find.
I would go with a rpi3 or rpi4 if you want. If you really need the extra space, go for a nuc or any other linux server. You don’t want to install HA manually (that isn’t supported anymore anyways), you want to install hassio directly and that doesn’t work with a BananaPi.

@Paytrix thank you for your reply.

Anyone knows if I will get the NanoPi M4 with the aditional SSD board , can I install Home Assistant ?


find this post after blowing off sime dust on my M2U.
I have managed to upgrade it to Ubuntu 20, and made docker installation on SSD.
Stayed on kernel 3.10 though, as I’m on “linux user” level