Home Assistant on docker on Pi4 (32bit)

Hi guys. I initially bought a RPi4 to run OpenMediaVault. In it I found out about Docker (managed through Portainer). I soon installed HA not knowing it would have been the Core version. After more than an year living without any issues with the absence of Supervisor, I found an add-on that needs it (and cannot be installed just as a container). So I would like to install supervisor in docker (to keep everything tidy and easy). How can I do it without loosing all my setup?
Thank you

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Not possible unless you decide to put your HA on a different RPI4 since your current one already run OMV.

Which add-on is this?

It’s a closed source private one, to control an alarm system

I’ve seen this: Install Home Assistant on Linux/Docker with Supervisor (how to get add ons!) - Ubuntu 20.04 - YouTube and hoped I could do the same for my application, but I’m not a linux expert…

I’m not saying you cant install Supervisor version on the RPI4. You just can have OMV together in the same RPI4 or unless you want to redo everything? Furthermore Supervised required Debian which is available for RPI4 but unsure about OMV and again unsure about how good will both system run together in one RPI4

Can you provide a link to the add-on?

In the video he installs Supervised HA completely in docker as far as I can get, so why wouldn’t OMV and HA coexist?

It’s not even public atm… But that’s not the point (the developer is trying to make it work on docker by itself right now, but I would like to have Supervisor anyway)

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Supervised is only supported on Debian, with any other base OS you’ll have issues going forward.

An add-on is always based on a docker container by the way. Also in my opinion it’s a d**k move to let people pay for an add-on for a free, open-source automation system. I’m also wondering how he even wants to do this…

I can imagine he wants to be somehow retributed for his work (which will never have a big spread since it’s a not-so-pupular alarm system)… And I’m kinda ok to pay for the add-on… He says if I added the add-on symply as a docker container I couldn’t access to the graphical interface to set it up… As I said, I’m not a linux expert.
Thank you for the explanation about the Debian-only OS though.

And what happens on an update of Home Assistant or the security system that makes the add-on useless? Will he fix it for free? Will he fix it at all?

I really don’t know. :sweat_smile:
BTW, I sent you a PM

I can’t say, how it works out on a Raspberry, did not try, But I had running HA supervised and OMV on a Intel based machine together for about a year with no issues on Debian.
This info is a year old, don’t know, if things did change since then. I’ve separated the two for no obvious reasons now, just got a nice tiny PC as a present…

The point is, it did work for me like that, i don’t see a reason, it would not now. But again, it was Intel based.

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Like mu explanation, you could install both however with supervised + OMV your RPI will surely slow down. But up to you as long you run Debian and you know what are you doing then go ahead.

You will soon understant what I’m talking about after you try right?