Home Assistant on Galaxy Watch

I installed the app, from the link below, on the Galaxy Watch and made the project on Google console following the instructions also in the link

Now I can turn on/off, open/close everything that Home Assistant has exposed to Google Assistant, from my watch.

Pretty cool and handy when you don’t have a Google Home around (and works when you are outside your home too)

Cool, do you also need the keyword, hey Google?

No, I would hate that.

The double tap of the Galaxy Watch Home button launches Gassist already in listening mode (its in the settings of the app).

Basically double tap, and then speak “turn on kitchen light”, or “open garage” … very very cool

Google assistant integration has worked for quite some time. All you had to do is set it up. It works with your phone without the need of a Google home.

I know, but take out the phone from your pocket, unlock it, press a button (or say Ok Google), wait the usual 1-2 seconds, and then say “turn on kitchen light” … takes overall easily 5 to 10+ seconds : that’s way too long for my use/wants, a Google Home is way better, or a Watch if the GH is not around.

With the watch it takes overall 2-3 seconds … it does make a huge difference to me.

Other example, I used to open my car gate, when approaching from the outside, around 100 meter before, to make sure when I arrive the gates are wide open without me having to wait: so in the car, while driving, I would pull my smartphone and use Google Assistant, or just my fingers (an HTTP shortcut widget of a POST URL to issue a HASS command): dangerous and uncomfortable.

Now I use the watch while keeping the hands on the wheel (very briefly one hand off to double tap the button on the watch).

I am very happy with the resut, and I recommend it to many

And since I genuinly hate the Ok Google wake word, I am starting to use the watch even at home, next to Google Home’s: double tap and say what you need

Weird. I never need to take my phone out or unlock it for “OK Google” to work.

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you must have a very loud voice and/or fantastic microphones in your smartphone. I do not, with the smartphone in my pocket google assistant is not activated, no matter how much I shout

And you look even weirder yelling OK Google when you are apparently shouting at nothing!


I know this is an older topic but do you have any demo movie / pictures about this integration? Does it still hold up?

I’m thinking about buying this watch mainly for this integration with HA. I know integration on WearOS is also possible but then I would have to wait and see if the Qualcomm 4100 chip makes WearOS a bit better.

Pretty dam cool. I use a JBL link drive to open the gate. I also recommend it. Very handy. I will give the galaxy watch a try.

This still works I just tried it out :slight_smile:
But my problem is that I have way too many switches (light switches and sockets all fall under this sections) so it makes it hard to find anything.
Widget support would be perfect since you can add individual devices as a widget.

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It would be smarter to let the kitchen lights turn on without having to say anything. In my opinion that’s what a smart home is all about. Constantly turning on and off stuff yourself is not a smart home. What is telling your watch to turn on the lights different from pressing the button next to you? It’s plain stupid to call something like that a smart home.

Try programming everything so that your house will think for you. So if you are home and the lux level in the kitchen is under a specific level and it is after a specific time and, and and then the lights turn on.

Hello everyone,
I have just started with Home Assistant two days ago, and I wanted to see if there is some way of connecting galaxy smart watch with HA. I was confused about how to do this, so here is short list what done job for me:

  • Install HA on rpi
  • Add some switch into Ha lovelace (i am toggling ESP32 diode using ESPHome)
  • Download Gassist.net app for mobile and watch from link that Klagio posted (there is tutorial for instalation)
  • Install Google Home on mobile (Google Assistant is pre-installed on S8)
  • Now you need to integrate HA and Google Assistant which can control Google Home. To do this you must have remote access to your HA. There are 2 ways doing this: One is https://www.nabucasa.com/ which you need to pay 5$ monthly (first month is free and you can quit) and second way is installing Duck DNS add on to HA and port forwarding which is free option. For second option you must be sure that you are not behind CG-NAT because you can’t do port-forwarding in that case. I have also tried third option Zero Tier One (VPN) add-on for remote access, and I have managed to connect to HA, but you can’t connect Google Assistant with HA through it.

I hope this will help someone who is just starting with HA and already have Galaxy watch like me. Please if someone know another free way of connecting HA and GA without opening ports on router share with us.