Home Assistant on Raspberry Pi stopped all integrations and basically stopped functioning


hoping somebody here can assist me with the issue.

Backstory to my problem is, my RPI has been working for close to 3 years without any serious issues, the setup has never been drastically changed or edited and is basically the Pi being the main place where I connect all my Smart Home stuff and then connect that with HomeKit, so my wife can use everything through one single pane of glass in this case the Home app. The Pi is only running Home Assistant, it has a Sonoff stick connected to it and it has a wired connection to my router.

A few weeks ago I started seeing the error below in my notifications;


I was busy and everything was still working, so I put it on my bucket list to work on this once I have time to do some proper troubleshooting. The system was still working, but while I was out on vacation a week ago I’d see all my devices in the Home app become unresponsive for a few hours. After some hours they were available and I could interact with them again.

Now the same thing happened again today, with the difference that hours later the cloud based integrations I have are still unresponsive but some local things like the Hue Bridge are responsive again, Sonoff connected things not.

I restarted the system multiple times, didn’t help. Actually that showed me that all add-ons (Terminal, Zigbee2MQTT and FIle editor) are disabled and can’t be started by me. When fully restarting the system I also get an error again that is basically saying the same thing as the message I got in the notification center (see screenshot).

Anybody here knows a way of how to start fixing this? Any help would be much appreciated.


Sounds like a hardware problem, likely the SD card.

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Easy, read the release notes for 2023.8

Remove discovery: from your configuration.yaml

I read the part with the configuration.yaml but I can’t even get there as the add-on for File-editor is also disabled, like any other add-on…

What do you mean? You think the SD card has an issue or is malfunctioning?

Could be or it could be what @francisp recommends. SD cards reliably fail over time. But I’d certainly try to edit that configuration yaml file, if the pi is running you should be able to ssh into it, find the config file and make the change. Running WINSCP on a window machine should allow you to connect via SSH and browse the file system.