Home Assistant on raspberry stops responding


I’m using HA for over a year now and it started to crash/become unresponsive a couple of days ago. If I restart it it will run for ~1/2hr and crash again. Now I caught an errorcode on the commandline which may indicate a problem:
fatal error: unexpected signal during runtime execution
[signal SIGBUS: bus error code=0x2 addr=0x791ff4 pc=0x5cbd4]
I suspect a faulty SD card, but I want to get the input from the community.

newest hassio and ha (2.1.2 and 0.100.2 from what I remember) running on an PI 3b

I had problems until I bought the official Pi power supply.

I think this Pi uses the official PSU. But my guess is the SD Card. I have now transferred the HA install to an VMware ESXi, using Ubuntu Server, Docker and Hassio on top and everything runs normal since a few hours. Fortunately the Pi install was still somewhat recoverable and I managed to get the config transferred. The strange thing is that the snapshot from the Pi instance was not complete either, it was missing some .yaml files and the custom components folder, which I fortunately was able to transfer manually.
Well, as the virtual HA is way faster then the Pi I’ll stick with it and use the Pi for other projects.

That’s what I’ve done too, albeit on a Windows PC. My Pi now co-ordinates presence detection.