Home Assistant on VMWare ESXI5.5: storage space problem

Hi everyone.
I installed Home Assistant as a virtual machine, a VmWare on Esxi 5.5 by downloading the .vmdk file from the Home Assistant website.
Everything works regularly but I have a big problem that I can’t solve: when I create the virtual machine the default disk space is 6Gb and I can’t change it because the edit option is grayed out, both with the virtual machine on and off.
The VMWARE documentation describes a snapshot issue but I don’t have one. I tried to create a snapshot and delete them all, as described in the issue as a workaround, but it doesn’t work.
In these conditions I soon reach the limit space of 6Gb and Home Assistant no longer allows me to update.
Is there someone who can help me?

Not sure if this might help, just guessing… but did you made disk conversion prior to installing into ESXi? Standard .vmdk package provided is for VMware workstation, not for server and need to be converted prior to installation. Maybe this is causing it to be readible, but blocks expansion.

Hi Mirek.
Thanks for the advice.
The .vmdk file installs smoothly and does not ask for conversion.
I will try to understand if there is a way to convert it from Workstation to Server before creating the VM.
I’ll let you know.

Perhaps take a look at this tutorial:
It describes step by step whole process, including conversion and configuration of VM. I used it ~ year ago and since then my HA is running flawlesly!

Hi Mirek.

Maybe I’ve found a solution.

The problem was that IDE disks are not resizable in VSphere: you can do this with SCSI disks.

First of all, I’ve copied .vmdk file into my datastore and then, via teminal, I’ve cloned it by ‘vmkfstools -i’ command. Then I’ve launched ‘vmkfstools -x’ to set new dimension.

And then I’ve created the virtual machine with my new .vmdk file, with right dimension.

Now all is working perfectly without problems.


Always learnig someting new, did not notice this small difference in disk type! And glad to know you are up an runnig !!!

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