Home assistant on what?

I know this has been asked many times but as technology moves on and new hardware is released I’d thought Id ask again.

Been using hassio for a while now on a RPi3+ with sd card and now wish to move on to something more reliable in terms of computer.

What is the best advisable option now to run home assistant on, and how? ie, docker, hassio etc. I do need to run Unifi as well, I have Influx and Grafana installed too.

Literally anything you want and are comfortable with, aside from Windows.

If you are more comfortable with hassio, and want hassio, then you can run hassio on any linux system

Why not windows? I ran HA on windows for a year or so without problems.

Forget it, I realize hassio can’t run on windows but HA can.

There are a very large number of components that simply will not work with Windows. If it works for you and your setup, congrats. It won’t work for most people. Even the HA devs suggest a linux based OS rather than Windows.

If you’ve already got a Windows machine, just run it in a Linux VM under Windows (eg. using VirtualBox).

Have you tried this? I haven’t yet,

The WSL only runs while you have the Linux distro “app” window open

Interested in this topic too, in fact was researching earlier and found Rob’s (TheHookUp) video:

Is @RobDYI in this thread the same Rob?? I’m new here!

I’m running Homeassistant in a lxc container on an WRT1200AC Router with OpenWRT installed.
The lxc container has Debian “installed”.

Works perfectly. :smiley:

If you start a service in WSL you can close the window and it will continue to run.

Will it? I have tried a few things out on my work computer, but ultimately found WSL to be shit.

Yes it will. Install apache2, start it with sudo service apache2 start, close WSL and open the task manager.
WSL has become my main development platform and I use it for routine jobs too, like downloading files and moving them to the correct Windows folder. Maybe you should invest some more minutes in it?
The only really annoying thing (or call it ‘shit’) is that many firewall solutions don’t understand WSL and regularly block the Linux processes.

Now the interesting question is if it is possible to run HA using virtualenv in WSL.

I have Hassio run on a VM. To me Hassio is absolutely amazing and super easy to install and maintain stuff. On the other side, VM are easy to backup (snapshot) and you can even run them in a RAID so it adds a layer of protection.

I don’t really have a need for it, so I don’t see why I should waste any more time with it.

I have virtualization hosts at my disposal, and I use Docker for most of my services.

I have no desire to run a Windows machine for a production use case (outside of what I am forced to at work).