Home Assistant only showing 1GB of RAM

As the Title, 4GB is allocated, running in a VM on UBUNTU.

Any Pointers?

Did you have 4Gb available when you started the VM?
Is it set to dedicated/fix size or is it shared/dynamic?

i det it to 4gb when i set up the VM, then installed HA in the VM. I have not touched any other settings

You might set it to 4Gb, but if it is not physically available on the system, then it might not get it.

Its a TrueNAS deployment, it has 32 Gig

It does not matter how much the system have.
What matters is how much is available to the VM, how much is assigned to the domain for the VM, how much is assigned to the actual VM from the domain memory.


Minimum memory was set to 1GB, changed it to 4 GB and now all memory is available to home assistant.