Home assistant Open thread border router crashing constantly

Hey all, I am going insane and cannot work out why open thread border router keeps crashing!

I was running skyconnect in Multipan and ordered a sonoff dongle for the zigbee side as its meant to be more stable.
Since changing my skyconnect to thread only, i am getting constant OTBR crashes and i cannot work out why.

I have tried combinations of different options
restarted multiple times.
Deleted and added OTBR again.
Disble hardware flow control
Gets going for sometimes a short time sometimes a couple hours then crashes again.

Most recent crash log. Everything is on current version

Restart after that crash it crashed straight away again.

Another restart of OTBR and its up again for the moment.

I have no idea where to go from here. Skyconnect is meant to be more stable runing a dedicated firmware, but so far its been less stable :frowning:

Matter and Thread are still very much a work in progress and not really ready for production yet.

I understand that, but everyone says not using the multi firmware is much better.

But i have moved to thread only and its just restarting constantly and there doesnt seem to be any reason or specific error for it :sa:

Ill probably need to switch back to the multipan and hopefully it goes back to not crashing anymore, but was trying to avoid that :S