Home Assistant Operating System with LTE modem and WIFI AP

Hi there.

We all know that Home Assistant Operating System prepared for different HW is ready to use after the installation. We can even manage it remotely if internet connection is already there. We may connect to great service Nabu Casa or wireguard to somewhere else. But what if there (at remote location) is not internet connection and HAOS should provide all of these services:

1. LTE connection to the internet by USB modem
2. Wifi AP for Wifi connected appliances
3. Wifi for home users
4. Remote gui acces to local wifi connected devices

Is the Home Assistant Operating System able to manage it all?
If so, could you help me with some info how to setup those services in HAOS?

I’ve already managed it all in dockerized home assistent on Odroid-M1 board but if there is a clean and easy way using HAOS it could help me save some time. Thank you.

maybe an LTE capable modem would be way easier and more reliable, than diy solution?

I do use this one on a remote location, works flawlessly: FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE | AVM International

Hi BebeMischa. Thank you for this easy solution. I just wanted to be able to manage all in one device, as I did it on ubuntu odroid-m1 with containers. I do not have experience with LTE and WIFI management insice Home Assistant Operating System, if it is even possible?

I am thinking about this solution (all in one| for remote cabin owners who would like to have smart home in remote areas.