Home Assistant OS 8.4 update not working

Dear community,

I need your help. Since a few days I am trying to update home assistant os from 7.6 to 8.4 (latest) with no luck and searched the internet for hours.

If I update via the UI it says “Installing” for a minute, then restarts home assistant and it’s still on the same version (7.6) as before. No records in the logs :frowning:

If I try to update via Terminal it starts but after 1 second saying “Error: Error raised from OTA Webserver: 404”. As seen in the image below.

Which is also reflected in the supervisor logs as follows:

Using a Raspberry Pi 4 64 and have 15% storage used (23gb free).

Anybody have any ideas what I can try?


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I have the same issue

Unfortunately still same issue with 8.5 now

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FYI - in Github I was informed to use following command:

ha os update --version 8.4

as the one shown in the screenshot above is wront.

However for me, still the same issue.

I can’t get my HA OS to update past 8.2 on my Intel NUC. When I execute

ha os update --version 8.3

or beyond, it drops me back to v8.1 with no error messages. Trying again after clearing old backups.

I have the same problem, trying to update the OS (x86) from 9.4 to 9.5 version. The system looks like making the update, makes a restart and after, there is still the old version of OS. I don’t have any errors.

No other solutions?