Home Assistant OS CLI troubleshooting - panic: "ro" shorthand is more than one ASCII character

I’m hoping someone can give me some direction on how to start troubleshooting this. I awoke to my Home Assistant being unavailable via app, or by ping.

When I login locally to my HA OS machine, I receive this message.

No CLI command will work except login, it will echo this same message.

Waiting for the Home Assistant CLI to be ready... panic: "ro" shorthand is more than one ASCII character

goroutine 1 [running 1:

github.com/spf13/pflag.(-FlagSet).AddFlag (0xc000175900, 0xc0001988ce) /home/runner/go/pkg/mod/github.com/spf13/[email protected]/flag-go: 864 +0x4ec

github.com/spf13/pflag.(-FlagSet). VarPF(0xd1c1207. (Oxa29618, 0xc00002daab), (0x935317, 0x9), (0x932636, 0x2), (0x94f972, 0x34))

/home/runner/go/pkg/mod/github.com/spf13/[email protected]/flag.go:831 +0x151 github.com/spf13/pflag. lag. (FlagSet). BoolVarP (0x942954729 0x1f7. (0x9353477, 0xB3a2967), (0x9326367, 0xc0000121c07), 0x807, (0x9419727, 0x07))

/home/runner/go/pkg/mod/g tool.com/spf13/[email protected]/bool.go:55 1.go:55 +0x45

github.com/spf13/pflag.(FlagSet) /home/runner/go/pkg/mod/github.com/spf13/[email protected]/bool.go:80

ithub.com/home-assistant/cli/cnd.addMountFlags (0xd067e07)

/home/runner/work/cli/cli/cnd/mounts.go:36 github.com/hone-assistant/cli/cnd.Init.06(0 +0x3ec

ha /home/runner/work/cli/cli/cmd/mounts_add.go:74 +0x25

Maybe continue here:

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Thank you! I tried to search but missed this post.

Did someone found a fix? Tho??